NS 34667 8 Biggest Book Mockup

Despite the growing excitement around ITFM and TBM, confusion around both still abounds. This eBook looks at the eight biggest misconceptions you should understand, as well as what they mean for your methodology selection process.

Inside, you'll learn things like:

  • The 1 key difference between ITFM and TBM, and how it can impact your program's efficacy.

  • Why most organizations have the wrong expectation of what's required to launch and sustain an ITFM/TBM program.

  • 2 critical prerequisites to reap value from any ITFM/TBM software.

  • How to respond when the business doesn't see ITFM/TBM as a valid priority.

  • What launching a new ITFM/TBM program usually does to headcount.

  • The truth about starting ITFM/TBM with lackluster data.

This is just a handful of what you'll find inside the full-length eBook.

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