Why do some organizations execute showback/chargeback with success while others fail? This workshop breaks down the reasons why - revealing keys to success, common pitfalls to avoid, and how to grow mutually-beneficial customer relationships.

You'll walk away with actionable steps to... 

  • Inform decision-making and align spend to business value: Help consumers fully understand the cost and value of their IT usage to leverage resources more effectively.
  • Manage complexity and reduce labor: Avoid unnecessary confusion, drive down billing questions and disputes, and minimize manual effort.
  • Promote and seek continuous improvement: Build a solid communication plan and charter a program for success beyond implementation.
  • Drive preferred usage behavior: Use strategic costing and billing to encourage adoption or discontinuation of specific technology services.
  • Elevate IT through transparent billing: Learn how to use showback/chargeback to become a trusted advisor to the business, while building trust and confidence in IT.

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