Nicus City of Seattle Case StudyLike many other State and Local Government entities, City of
Seattle’s Central IT was managing the IT planning process (including
budgets, forecasts, and actuals) in Excel spreadsheets. The team
was faced with multiple challenges including time-consuming
budget adjustments, difficult data gathering, and complex and
burdensome spreadsheets (often emailed back and forth).

The City of Seattle evaluated several ITFM tools/vendors in hopes that Central IT could not only properly manage an initiative to consolidate IT divisions but also create operational efficiencies that could lead the organization to true IT cost transparency and informed decision making.

The City chose Nicus. Unlike other ITFM vendors, Nicus understood the unique needs of local government. “Nicus could talk the same language,”said Patti DeFazio, the City of Seattle’s Deputy Director of Operations.


  • Empowered consolidation of 29 IT shops
  • Automated reporting for internal staff and customers
  • Savings of 3,000 analyst hours annually
  • Streamlined budgeting
  • Empowered decision making
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